This service is perfect for projects that require custom items, 3D models that you don't find online. It helps clients to see how a real item will look like in their space in real life before purchasing.
What is a 3D Model?
A 3D model is a three-dimensional representation of an object built using a software. I can build a model using a photo and measurements. I use SketchUp Pro to build my models.
What I can model?

Furniture: Sofas, Chairs, Tables, Beds
Accessories: Pillows, Rugs, Art, Decor
Light fixtures, Table Lamps. Floor Lamps
Kitchen & Bath Cabinets and Hardware
Molding, Board Batten, Windows and Doors
Simple Models: $14
Pillow, Artwork, Rug, Mirror

Intermediate Models: $28
Table, Desk, Vase, Basket, Lamp

Advanced Models: $39 &up
Sofa, Chair, Bed, Light Fixture

Complex Models: Request quote

Turnaround time is 5 days. If needed in less than 48hrs there's a Rush Fee of $25.
You will receive a .skp file that will be ready to work with the E-design Tribe Platform.

To request a 3D Model service email to
I'm E-design Tribe Certified 3D Modeler
Office Hours: 4pm – 6pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday​​​​​​​

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